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How Does Lab-Call Help?

Vaccines, Biologics and other refrigerated medications need to remain at the proper temperatures or they can become a liability.

Lab-Call helps clinics and pharmacies manage their risk by providing a service that:
  • Is very easy to install and use. Just plug it in and it works. Lab-Call handles the rest
  • Provides real-time alerts, temperature history , health care centered online resources and emergency planning services
  • Monitors your refrigerators / freezers daily to help you remain in compliance with CDC recommendations
  • What Is The Scope Of The Problem?
    The current data suggests that improper temperature management of vaccines in primary care clinics (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Family Practice) represents a major source of "gaps" in the cold chain. A report in June 2012 by the Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services found that 76 percent of the clinics examined stored their vaccines at temperatures that were either too warm or too cold! Other papers have traced outbreaks of pertussis directly to clinics and their inappropriate storage of vaccines. Our own experience shows that 60% of lab-call clients (clinic and pharmacy) have a refrigerated environment that is not functioning within the specifications defined by the CDC. We know this because we check every client site every day and if appropriate, make recommendations to bring the refrigerated environment back into compliance.
    Lab-Call Snapshot
    Lab-Call TextAlert Device

    All Lab-Call implementations start with one or more Lab-Call TextAlert temperature monitoring devices. The TextAlert monitors the temperatures and manages... more info

    Cloud Services
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    The Lab-Call Incident Management Service resides in the Internet Cloud. As such there is no software to load or LAN's to configure at the clinic site. more info

    Alerts & Reports

    Alerts, reports and Vaccine / Injectable Recovery Plans can be delivered directly to cell phones and e-mails. Lab-Call is both Android and iPhone compatible... more info

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