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Edina Sports Health
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Primary Care
Christopher Murgic

Edina, MN
As an independent practice we need to provide better service while not investing more than we have to. The Lab-Call VaxShield service protects our vaccines and refrigerated medications with state of the art technology.

Installation was seamless! During installation, Lab-Call advised us on everything from proper probe placement to installation to refrigerator replacement. Because they used cellular, Lab-Call handled all connectivity to their "cloud" based monitoring and incident management site. The Lab-Call cloud is very easy to use!

In addition Lab-Call built a Vaccine Recovery Plan for us that is delivered to our PC's, SmartPhones and other mobile devices in the event of an emergency. Planning was critically important to us because without an executable recovery plan that can be distributed, we would not be able to be pro-active in the event of an emergency.

Because Lab-Call actively monitors our refrigerators, they were able to catch a failing refrigerator and recommend a pro-active replacement to prevent vaccine loss. We would not have an active temperature management program without Lab-Call!