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About Us

The founders of Lab-Call developed the concept of the Lab-Call Fully Managed Service while observing issues within their own clinics. While refrigeration temperatures were documented (for the most part) on a daily basis as required, there was no way to notify clinic staff in the event of an incident. After one too many "near misses" the founders knew therewas a better way to solve the problem. There were nol solutions available that were easy to install and use, had the technology to mitigate costs while still providing real time data and who offered the complete service required to help clinics and pharmacies meet their needs. Our clients requirements drive unique solutions that are both easy to implement and complete.

Our approach and why it is a better

Through our experience in owning and managing clinics we know that clinics and community pharmacies are always short of two things; time and resources. Our vision is to provide a complete set of services to our clients that minimize the use of their resources and maximize impact. This means that we not only provide a complete service that is incredibly easy to use but also additional services above and beyond those provided by traditional temperature monitoring solutions.These Services Include:

  • Emergency Planning Resources and Development
  • Refrigeration Temperature Excursion Remediation Strategies
  • Installation Planning and Management
  • Vaccine Resources for Clinics and Pharmacies
  • Our mission

    “We founded Lab-Call to help clinics and pharmacies mitigate the risks associated with refrigerated vaccines, biologics and medications. We know from our own experience that resources are tight and we can't always properly manage everything we are required to do. Our mission is to provide services, resources and knowledge to help our clients reduce risk and protect their patients."

    Dr. Jennifer Gobel
    Our vision