Developed by clinics for clinics

Why Lab-Call?
Lab-Call is Easy! No Information Technology expertise needed - Lab-Call handles it all!
  • No server, PC or software installation required
  • No configuration changes required for local area network, routers or firewalls
  • No PC or server configuration required
  • Android and iPhone compatible"
  • No Wide Area Network Required
  • Plug it in and it works

  • Lab-Call Offers a Complete Service that
  • Provides Real-Time Alerts, 24 Hour Temperature Logs (Stored for Three Years)
  • Delivers Alerts to Your Cell Phone and Email
  • Includes Cellular Network Services
  • Monitors both the Lab-Call Network and Your Refrigerators!
  • Includes Planning, Remediation and Emergency Assistance

  • Lab-Call Provides Unique Technology
  • Patent Pending
  • Cellular Efficient - Cost Efficient
  • Eliminates False Alarms