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Lewis Drugs, Inc. Community Pharmacies
David Nielsen

Director of corporate services
Sioux Falls, SD
Being a chain of over 40 community pharmacies in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, management of refrigeration temperatures in these locations was always a challenge. We needed a way to protect refrigerated inventory in each pharmacy that was easy to use, complete and ongoing. After evaluating a number of solutions we selected Lab-Call because they were by far the easiest to implement, offered the best technology and provided ongoing recommendations about our refrigerators on a continuous basis.

The service was EXTREMELY easy to install at the pharmacy! All we had to do was plug in the Lab-Call appliance at each pharmacy. Lab-Call did everything else. Because they use a cellular network, there is nothing else required in the pharmacy. Lab-Call trained our staff on temperature risk mitigation strategies, monitored each refrigerator after installation and provided remediation strategies for problem units. Lab-Call has saved inventory on more than one occasion!

We really like the fact that Lab-Call reviews our sites daily and suggests corrective actions to issues even before we notice them. The Lab-Call web based tools provide us with everything we need. The ability to call Lab-Call with questions about anything to do with Vaccines, Medications or Refrigeration is great! We are very happy with our selection of Lab-Call!