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Noran Clinic Neurolgy/Immunology
Kyle Lewis

Director, Clinical and Patient Services
Minneapolis, MN

When our relationship with Lab-Call began the Noran Clinic was using only calibrated thermometers. This proved to be inadequate as we suffered a loss of biologics at one of our infusion centers due to freezing temperatures. We decided we needed something better and found Lab-Call!

Lab-Call states that they offer a complete service. Lab-Call started by building a recovery plan for our refrigerated inventory. They helped us develop and enforce the policies required to maintain proper control of our environment. Installation was seamless and had no impact on both the clinical and IT staff! Now we have continuous protection. As a bonus, Lab-Call reviews potential issues before we see them and provides remediation recommendations and long term strategies. Lab-Call is very easy for our staff to use.

Lab-Call has been very responsive to our needs and has been great about training our staff (not that much training is needed). We recommend them without hesitation!