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Pediatric Arts Clinic Primary Care
Dr. Ender Raghib

Fargo, SD
Having dealt with power outages in the past, we felt the need to protect ourselves and our patients. As a small clinic, we do not have excess staff or time. Lab-Call's VaxShield service claims to be easiest to implement / use and they are right! Lab-Call helped reorganize our refrigerator to make storage easier and more temperature efficient. They helped us understand all the risk mitigation strategies at our disposal and incorporated these into the Vaccine Recovery Plan that they developed. All we did was plug in Lab-Call hardware and certified probes. Lab-Call did the rest. They set the temperature parameters / filters and worked with us to insure a stable environment. There is no need for paper logs with Lab-Call!

You can tell that the Lab-Call team has experience managing a primary care clinic because they are so easy to work with. They understand us and the challenges we face. The web based tools are complete and easy to use. Lab-Call was a great choice for us!